What my Mindfulness/NLP training can do for you.

  • One-To-One Mindfulness/NLP Self-Evolution!

    You can work with me in a dedicated fashion, using my distinct NLP/Mindfulness fusion to help you peacefully & effectively map out & achieve your goals, address fears, understand and manage anxiety and much more.  This will be focused on you, how you presently experience the world, and how you would like to CHOOSE to experience it.  Are you ready to be empowered in your own life? Are you ready to take control of your destiny, emotions, thoughts, life direction? – This can be done online, or in person (geography permitting – presently UK only).

  • Executive Stress

    Struggling under the weight of a high pressure environment? Work life balance out of kilter? Having dealt with persons of high-net-worth across various projects, I am aware of the requirements for discretion and on-tap responses.  We can discuss your requirements & tailor an agreeable package specifically for you, with your life, peace & goals in mind.

  • Workplace Transformations

    Are your line managers causing a turn over in staff? Employees unhappy or struggling? Want to increase happiness and productivity in your business/workforce?  I can help you improve employee/employer relationships, foster loyalty, increase communication, reduce stress and much more. This is person centered, human focused. Many people teach how to increase sales, but many fewer teach you how to establish genuine rapport with your clients & workforce.

  • Public Speaking

    Would you like me to talk about Practical Mindfulness at an event? I have spoken publicly before, from Positive Psychology in auditoriums, to music journalism on the BBC.  With a fast growing list of appearances from podcasts, to multiple guest blogs, you can be assured my grounded, humorous, approach to mindfulness & the mind will leave your guests with plenty of food for thought, to enjoy more of their every day lives!

  • Online Groups

    Are you a group of people/friends/colleagues that would like to all work on becoming more mindful, present, and focused in your lives? If you would like me to lead a group then I can arrange for a strong group discount over one/one coaching – making working with me more affordable, as well as life transforming!

  • Other Products

    Talk to me about other products that I can offer from the Brainwave Entrainment range, from the world’s leading developer and only certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer!

We all have areas of expertise & natural ability. If you contact me & I do not feel I can help you, I will be honest.  And please only contact me if you’re serious about making real change & are willing to invest in yourself and commit to living a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

I WILL challenge your perceived reality (Hint: No one sees absolute reality, ever).

I WILL challenge habits that you want to change.

(But it’s always done with compassion, and based on what you want to achieve!)