Live Your Now Official Partners

Akasha Garnier – Secrets to Shine Through the Noise

Akasha Garnier is an award winning writer, producer, and film maker.  Her excellent book “Secrets to Shine Through The Noise” is making waves!

Her illustrious partners include the likes of Teen Cancer USA, The Who, Pearl Jam, The One Project – and I am honoured to say, yours truly.

With a sparkling personality, a generous kind spirit, she’s well worth following. You can contact Akasha:

Twitter:  Akasha Garnier  /  Website:

Morry Zelcovitch (The Morry Method) – Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

Morry Zelcovitch, the world’s only Brainwave Entrainment Engineer, is a long time business partner and dear friend who became so through my finding his incredible “Brainwave Entrainment” audio products.

I cannot understate the incredible and positive effect this audio technology had on my own mind state.  He is the world’s foremost expert on this technology, nothing else comes close.

I use his technology every day, and it works in beautiful syncronicity with mindfulness.  It makes meditation easy, automatic and scientific!

Twitter:  The Morry Method  /  Website:

Rock Your Messages!

Jane at creates pieces of inspiring jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, that encourage you to Rock Your Message every day!

We are working together creating more pieces that you can wear, and that come with the option of “activation”!

This a completely unique take; combining my skills as a hypnotist, multi-certified NLP practitioner and mindfulness expert to literally program your mind to use these pieces as powerful triggers to embolden & enhance your life.  Most importantly of all, the power of the pieces will come from within YOU, as we believe you have all the tools already present within yourself to flourish, and it is that which is “activated”.  You can contact Jane here:

Twitter:  Rock Your Messages  /  Website:  Rock Your