Welcome to the #MindfulTrain – A Mindfulness Community

My entire life, I’ve been involved in collaborative efforts.  I believe we are stronger, together.  I know some people find “follow back” trains a bit nauseous, irritating – and they can be, for sure.  But like all tools or ideas, It’s how you use them.  I am hoping everyone who takes an interest in meditation, mindfulness, mental health etc will begin to use it as a source to find new friends,  grow a big support network,  and create a buzzing community of caring, cool people.

You’re cool. So yeah, you too!

The idea is not to replace existing hashtags that are more central to specific ideas, but create one that will build a large, global community of people dedicated to helping themselves, and others, feel better.  If we all become involved, in a sense of compassion and collaboration, we can make a real impact in the world around us.  At times such as we are facing now, little movements like our #MindfulTrain, encouraging more Mindfulness based approaches to all areas of our lives, can make a huge, positive difference.

Never underestimate the difference you can make.

What are the benefits to you of getting involved?

A Mindfulness Community.

  • You’ll make new friends or acquaintances who share a compassionate outlook
  • You can learn new innovative techniques based around self-care/mindfulness approaches
  • You’ll see new empirical research, helping you understand what will help you live a more peaceful life
  • You’ll build your own follower/following network, with people active in an area you enjoy
  • It’s a fantastic and easy way to share resources & to network
  • You may even create new collaborations that go on to inspire many!
  • You can take solace in others, who are probably experiencing similar trials. (A problem shared…)
  • You can help support others, or receive support, as I have both, which is why I am so passionate about this.
  • Many other benefits….
  • IT’S FREE!!

This is so much more, than just a “follow train”, it’s targeted to a specific idea around our mental health and well being.  I want everyone to be more at peace and happier, so please, join in and let’s turn this into a fantastic global movement.

How to get involved…

Tweet with the hashtag #MindfulTrain.

Search using the hashtag: #MindfulTrain

Just click the highlighted hashtag above to search, good to you, aren’t I? 😉