Here you will find a list of places Richie from Live Your Now has been featured, including interviews, podcasts, guest blog posts etc.


Malliard Report – The fastest hour in Paranormal Talk Radio with Jim Malliard of The Mallard Report

In a “Boxing Day” special, on this hugely popular podcast, myself and Jim (when he can get a word in!) discuss consciousness, the realm of ego mind, the way it affects our world, and strategies you can use to overcome it! I had a wonderful time on this interview, and honoured to have been invited on it!


“Inspire Tag” Blog Interview with Enricoh Alfonzo – My first interview, as Enricoh delves into what makes me tick, who/what inspires me, and how I ended up as a Mindfulness teacher of all things! (Yeah, this still makes even me wonder quite how!)


Be Ur Own Light – With @BeUrOwnLight In this featured guest post, I delve into my own anxiety and how mindfulness has helped me learn to cope, and indeed, begin to flourish after many years of battling this emotion/function that, unbeknownst to me had control of my direction!

You can also find me featuring on my dear friend @SimonettaLein‘s wonderful Wish Wall Foundation – which I encourage everyone to check out! Post your wishes there for a better world & who knows, Simonetta may be able to make it come true – or new collaborations may be born!


In my previous guises, I have also appeared regularly on BBC Radio,  spoken at numerous events, appeared on Sky TV (defunct channel I’ve admittedly forgotten the name of), Kerrang, hosted my own radio show, and performed live music at prestigious venues such as the O2 Academy Birmingham (x3), The Cavern Club Liverpool,  a few outdoor City festivals etc.

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