Aloha! I’m Akasha, and I’m delighted to meet you.

Thank you for settling in to listen to my guest blog with Richie and team Live Your Now.

I love that appreciation quote. It makes me smile inside and says a lot about some recent journeys in my world.  I am just back from covering The Oscars from several situations that leave me humming “City of Stars”


Richie and I have gotten to know each other through my first book Secrets to Shine Through the Noise and our resulting branding campaign, #ShineThroughTheNoise.

The first email Richie sent me was a bit formal…I get it.  And later he admitted that he thought that I’d have a team of people answering emails for me (I do not).

The result was a framed with clarity, sincerely and synergy.  READ HERE: Secrets to Shine Through the Noise –  Review By Live Your Now 

These are the signs I hope for, for all writers and dreamers and we craft our paths!

Richie and I have talked about doing some seminars and co-authored books and stellar soundtracks to boot.

I will still lead with “Aloha” since my first book is about my Hawaii journey that started while l was living in the rain forest of Waipio Valley, the Valley of the Kings. Agreed.  This may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking about branding.  This was out of the box for me as a city girl ready to make a big decision during my sejour.  Over the last three years, I have lived in the remote rain forest, I’ve gotten muddy and drenched, and disillusioned.

I’ve followed my bliss and have changed careers. 

I was an award-winning event planner in Chicago.  I have always been a writer.  I’m grateful that I’ve been able to travel to several lush and luscious islands.  Some travels included postcard pretty sails…and picturesque vistas and plenty of wondering what would happen next.  I slipped into the real deal: swimming with sharks in a feeding frenzy, working with pirates, wishing for promotions and watching many conditions.  I ended up weathering my first tsunami – on one of my nights alone on the Big Island. Yes, sometimes it takes a village…

We all have our journeys, don’t we? I am here to say: Let your journey turn you into a storyteller.

I have just covered the Oscars.

I’ve been to some fantastic shows in multiple cities with my U2 and Pearl Jam friends.  I’ve walked a few red carpets with beautiful men and we’ve celebrated some success together. Several people may ask me where I’m headed.  Then I said, “We’ll find out…” This, my friends, is the foundation.  I’ve been both disappointed and inspired along the way.  Now I ground myself again in clarity.


 I have been working more closely with my community partner in LA and Chicago Teen Cancer America , and have heard and shared journey stories in web, film and raw footage form.

Success comes in a series of waves.  My Twitter friends and I lift each other up with #MotivationMonday and #TravelTuesday each week, and occasionally the message starts to sounds the same.  Yes, we all need to keep our heads up.  It’s OK to walk the squiggly line.  We can take another moment to be kind to ourselves and say “of course it takes time”.  Take one more moment to be kind to yourself and honor excellence instead of only perfectionism.

Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.

~Pat Riley, champion basketball coach

Letting go of perfection and focusing on excellence can free your mind to help you find your way again. And wherever you are on your journey, believe it is worth the trip.

I just received validation on two of my major stories, so I’ll share some news.  As I was setting up my story for my Oscar date, I figured out some key pieces.  My thriller series opens as a riches to rags to discovery story…with the feel of The Firm set in a Devil Wears Prada world.

[Cue the Hollywood guests around us going silent and leaning in.] And that’s always a good thing in a room full of stars.

I continued….  Negotiations are in action for my travel thriller series.

Why yes, there is a dance-y trailer to go with it…

Akasha Garnier travel thriller trailer (HD) from Akasha Garnier on Vimeo.

My hair has grown, and so have I since I first came up with this idea. But now I have an idea AND a brand.  So we carry on with business and negotiation from a better place.

And you should continue too…

Take some time to get back in touch with what gives you energy instead of what drains it away. I’m sure Live Your Now and I will have some specific ideas to help you hone in on that.

Akasha, all dressed up with somewhere wonderful to go!

My first travel thriller needed to wait until after my #ShineThroughTheNoise book, but I didn’t know that a year ago. Now my branding projects have reached 9 countries and have won Marcom awards. I truly appreciate the support. I will also be working with some sponsors to bring #ShineThroughTheNoise success stories to light with more news and pretty views coming soon.

As the Oscar red carpets were winding down, we had a chance to catch some candids in character (Photos: Devin Green above with car, Patrick Tutera of The Last Hurrah below with mink stole.  Akasha’s hair by Lisett Munoz and make-up by Alex of Killer Hair.)

Click here to Read more about Oscars 2017.

I am often asked about a Golden nugget that I could share with other adventurers/writers out there. I lean in and then say:

Believe in your stories and plan for success. Inspiration is so important, but we do need to understand the field and our brand…then do the work. 🙂

Believe in your stories and plan for success


Thank you Richie for hosting me on your site and warmest congrats to Live your now on the new channel and affirmations!

Here’s to bright horizons.

Cheers & fair winds, 

Akasha Lin

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