How political ideology is damaging UK Mental Health.

Today was an interesting day.


It’s broadly accepted in Social Media that you stay out of politics etc if you want to protect your “business”.  And there is a total bombardment at present, an overload, of “dog whistle” politics saturating social media, whatever “side” you sit on – I think we can all agree on that.

What happened today however; was that the UK Conservative Party announced plans to begin another sweeping cut of support to people with disabilities and mental health problems. At this point I was faced with a choice. Do I delve in here, and challenge what is actually an empirically false dogma being pushed by a very ideologically driven Government, or simply stay silent?

When I discovered that some of the leading experts in Mental Health had spoken out also, to show what catastrophic & devastating effects in real, empirical terms, the Conservatives were having on people’s lives, I felt now was a time to speak out.


As someone committed to helping others achieve peace in their lives, fulfill their potential, and for us all to enjoy less dogmatic, judgmental, and chaotic lives it is incumbent at times to lead discussion.  So that is what I am doing.

Now this did upset a few, some follow me simply for a break from politics etc, and for uplifting positive words (understandable, and for which I remain deeply grateful), and that will always be the primary focus of this account. But there are occasions that rainbows, kittens and puppies doing cute things is simply not enough, because more extreme circumstances, like today represented, come along.

Political ideology is the realm of ego mind.  It is seldom empirical.  And the true nature & goals of the ideology itself can often concealed by those who seek power, for power’s sake. No one side is “innocent” in this, and it’s a complex and deep structure to totally comprehend – due to the inherent nature of thoughts/cultural hypnosis…

See – How Culture Wires Our Brains 


Sometimes though, because of research, and people truly dedicated in their field, somethings are simply empirical; backed up with hard facts, and disturbing and shocking consequences, as you can read in this joint letter from the UKs leading bodies representing the country’s esteemed Mental Health practitioners across multiple disciplines.

We, the UK’s leading bodies representing psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, and counsellors, call on the Government to immediately suspend the benefits sanctions system. It fails to get people back to work and damages their mental health.

A destructive political ideology is beginning to drag progress in Mental Health affairs back into the dark ages, something that affects 1 in 4 people, each year!

I encourage anyone involved in any kind of wellness therapy, coaching, mental health profession to stand together and speak out, as many of us are, so that literally 100s of thousands of people can be spared even more worry and suffering, when in fact, what people need most when at their most vulnerable is support.

What disabled people, and people suffering with a Mental Health issue, do not need is punitive, regressive, and empirically damaging, politically motivated, ideologies enacted upon them.

I appreciate this is a move away from my normal tone, but I am sure most of you, as compassionate, thoughtful people, open to new and fresh ideas, will understand why I wrote it and how this is a matter simply beyond politics and one of simple humanity – and I am grateful for your patience, and support.

Let us not make the suffering, suffer more for political gain.  Surely there is a better way?

Dare I say, a more Mindful approach?

To your best life, always.


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