The “enemy”

If this post somehow upsets you, I would ask you to consider it… mindfully. I am judging no person. And it’s nothing more than I try to do myself & encourage others to, to help their happiness, and that of others.

Politics. It was inevitable I suppose? The divisions between people who would be friends, neighbours, heck even family have become so wide and urgent to address, I am hoping you will ALL read this and take a step back, just for a moment, from the precipice of creating yet more divisions.

I have read posts calling all Trump supporters racists, misogynists etc – generalisations like that are false. There is nothing substantive anyone could show me that would make me believe this is true of 50 MILLION Americans.

I have read posts calling Democrats and the “left” our “enemy” (and far worse), again, another sweeping generalisation. Which will of course, as any person who takes a step back a moment will know is absolute nonsense.

The vast majority of people will have voted what they feel is RIGHT. Yes, some will be selfish, some WILL be racists, some will be total anarchists, some looking for any excuse to play out violently so on and so forth. Trump spoke divisively, and so did Clinton. People in their positions have a responsibility to be more careful with their words, as do the media, if they do not wish to invoke divisions and us vs. them mentality – which is becoming more prevalent.  It also gets viewers, sells newspapers, and creates siege mentalities which indeed, can translate into votes…  you may believe this is free will? I am afraid not. Years of social conditioning and strong bombardments of influence layered on top, results in rather predictable outcomes.  I admit I didn’t think Trump would actually win, but I certainly didn’t believe absolutely that he would lose either.

UK leaving EU (with S&P ratings saying “…the referendum has deepened and laid bare the schisms in British Society”), USA electing Trump (Trump supporters are all XYZ, The Left are our “enemy”, etc), and Europe will itself likely be next.

Intelligence, a factor of the mind, logical intelligence, seeks to divide into smaller and smaller pieces. Now, that’s very useful when studying the Quantum world for example – but it’s not great when it’s applied to the sentiments of dividing each other!

If you can’t see the danger in this, it’s time to reassess what filters you’re viewing the world through.  How did you get them? Have you ever considered they’re not yours?  Where did they come from? What greater purpose are they serving? Did you even know you view the world through them?! Because you do. We all do. Everyone does.

I see, every day, the requirement people had through ego mind to derive their identity by pinning it to a party etc, it’s no different to sport or religion etc, and people WILL kill each other over it, dehumanising others to a point where the ego then justifies ANY ACTION against that person/race/group/religion etc.

I mean, people actually had great huge fights and violence over football teams in the UK. Not as bad now, but think about it, it’s a GAME OF FOOTBALL. Worth taking a life? It’s absolutely absurd. But then, the mind left unchecked, and subject to growing false identities and outward projection of “I”, means that whenever that outward “I” is challenged, or under perceived threat, to some, any measure necessary is acceptable to stem that perceived literal existential threat!

What concerns me, is I see so many people going at each other. This is breeding more and more contempt and division. The ego mind is on an absolute rampage across the globe right now, an all out unbridled assault, and for those of us aware of it, we can see it like light/dark.

How can we tell?

Because the Ego mind is near robotic and reactive. It divides. It projects it’s identity OUTWARDLY. And it tends to congregate in more and more large groups, where the “I” is then reinforced exponentially, into a “we” and anyone outside that “we”, is therefore, less human somehow, and an enemy, to either ridicule, ignore, demean, or worse…

Now when you give that ego an unexpected “victory” and boost it still further, couple that with deep hurt/concern or indeed, ego again, from another – the antagonism rises, facts are entirely dismissed as irrelevant, and all unite behind one person against the others irrespective of anything – because the ego does not like to be wrong!

So, I appeal to everyone reading this – race/religion/political persuasion to ask yourself WHY you seek identity and place so much stock in these external identities, because the fact is, had you been born elsewhere, or had different experiences, you may be a Trump supporter, a Syrian refugee,  Christian/Muslim/Jewish – whatever.

Any of those titles/labels/conditions were bestowed upon you, or taken on, AFTER birth.

And not a single person out there is ever 100% perfect, or 100% right, and we all share one big rock together.

That’s not a political nor religious statement. It’s just how it is.

So, can we just be a bit nicer to each other?  And maybe, if your politics/religious beliefs etc suggests you shouldn’t, perhaps it could be worth re-examining – after all, as I said earlier, where did they come from?

Your own entire free will?

Understanding how influence etc work, it’s highly unlikely.

I wish everyone peace, and happiness in their lives – and I hope we can begin to all, as people, start moving toward a more understanding, mindful society.

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