Mini Mindfulness 2: Hornets & Spontaneous Mindfulness!

Spontaneous Mindfulness? Yes. Those episodes in life where suddenly you become entirely calm, and aware of everything. Your mind is quiet. Your sense perceptions; alert! You are seemingly acting from a different place to normal!!

SO, here’s an example of one of mine… I hope you enjoy and laugh about it.

I am a roller coaster fanatic. OMG, I love them. Seriously. Like, really. Nerd. Ask me about a rollercoaster, I can usually tell you who makes it, the systems it uses etc.  So, one fine day I am attending one of my (once) favourite places in the world Alton Towers. Now, I am not one for heights you must understand, and therefore the general idea of the cable cars is not something I am one for partaking in.  (And this remember, was PRE-MINDFULNESS days, hence this post…. or there wouldn’t be much point, would there? 😉 ).

However. My friend was. And given it was NOT the scary over the valley bit, I agreed, calmed my nerves best I could & we headed back from Nemesis toward the front gate station. So, nervously I am sitting, talking to my good friend about the day and F***!!!!



I thought I was at ALTON TOWERS, not JURRASIC PARK!!!!

Now I confess, I do not know what size they usually are as I rarely have seen one, but this was the length of a HAND I have never, ever seen anything like it – and no, it’s not like a fishing story of “it’s this big”, or anything else for that matter…. it genuinely was like something of Jurassic Park, I am surprised it was not casually reading the newspaper on the journey.

Now, I am not a fan of wasps. So this thing? Stuck in a CABLE CAR, at HEIGHT, with a f’ing GIANT HORNET, this is not a recipe for calm as far as I am concerned.  Yet oddly, that’s precisely what occurred. Total calm. Absolute total submission to the moment.

Now for those who were like, just squash it – first, I don’t kill creatures, second, we’re in a CABLE CAR, and third it’s the size of a SMALL HORSE.

My friend and I became naturally, and essentially, calm. Stillness took over. Yes, for fear of waking the dragon from its slumber, but just total awareness, silence, and stillness was present for the rest of the journey… and the slight walk out of the station…  and whilst he slowly, mindfully, removed his jacket, and placed it cautiously, gently upon the floor.

THEN that mindfulness went.

And Usain Bolt wouldn’t have caught up with us….

So, you see, there’s probably times you have experienced involuntary & spontaneous bouts of mindfulness without even realising!!  I just hope if so, they were more pleasant than mine ha!!


Stay Mindful,





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