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Simonetta has created a wall, not designed to divide, but to unite & help wishes come true!

Firstly, I want to welcome you to our new feature,Spotlight“, where I host a guest on my blog who’s either an influencer, celebrity, or brilliantly inspiring, whilst being committed to giving something back!  My first guest on this platform, Simonetta Lein, ticks all those boxes, and more, with gusto! Not only this; Simonetta herself regularly interviews some of the world’s most inspiring people for globally respected publications! These individuals are not only incredibly successful but they’re wholeheartedly committed to giving something back, and paying it forward! Does it get much better than that?

Simonetta, in true Simonetta style (something she exudes in abudance), inspired my “Spotlight” feature, so it’s only right and fitting she should be the first to feature!

So here I say, Benvenuta Simonetta! And, Grazie Mille!

Give Dreams a Chance!


Simonetta Lein, creator of “The Wishwall”

Beginning as a physical “Wishwall” in Philadelphia, where people gather for a one or day event to write their wishes, it has now also blossomed into an online platform & community, where you can share your dreams & connect with others who share the same, and/or help others achieve theirs! BRILLIANT!

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Dreams CAN come true!

The Wishmaker’s Wish… fulfilled.

Simonetta asked me, after I congratulated her on her New York Fashion Week success, what do I see in this picture?


Now, being a man, and not always the most observant one at that… I studied this picture hard! 

What was I missing here?

My very first thought (before she asked) was… I see someone I admire, a beautiful soul who has achieved a HUGE goal they set themselves not very long ago! This continued in my mind, but me being me… I decided I would continue looking for something else in the picture, a detail I may have inadvertently missed!!

Perhaps her amazing Wishwall Foundation’s logo or something?  I mean, after all, I am a man who wandered around my house once for far too long, looking for my coat that I was WEARING…

I couldn’t find anything. Except the same thought replaying over and over, that I was so pleased to witness my friend achieve something I know was a personal goal for her.  So I punted, and it was right.

3 lessons here to learn:

1. Don’t OVER THINK.

2. Related to the first… GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS.

3. If you lose your coat, check you’re not wearing it first


Simonetta’s story is inspiring.  Driven by a passion for seeing other’s wishes come true, Simonetta is not just someone who tells others how to do what she wishes she could do.  She lives it 100%!  Using the influence she has worked so hard to gain, with a warm and gracious heart, she lends those opportunities to others, a beautiful example is here (taken from her cover story interview on

“I do my absolute best to grant amazing opportunities to people that have dreams, and I go out of my way to change someone’s day. A great example is a recent one. At Fashion Week I met a cancer survivor and I gave her the opportunity to leave the Fashion Week for a day to deliver an inspirational message to an audience in attendance. Her message inspired so many others not to give up on their dreams, it was a great speech. I gave her the opportunity because I saw that she had a message to share and I wanted more people to connect with her story.”

Over the years, I have been fortunate to engage with many celebrities/success stories from across the world, I recognise a leader & inspiring figure when I see one.  There is a deep integrity and determination about Simonetta’s work that resonates with me on a fundamentally compassionate level. Each step forward in her journey, she remains determined to lift others up with her, it’s so clearly obvious to me how these actions are derived from a hard wired passion.  This isn’t something Simonetta simply does, it is at the core of who she is, this IS Simonetta.

“Being a leader doesn’t mean being on top of the hill, it means being on the bottom and helping others up”

I could not agree more with the above quote, this is a statement of a true leader,  and like Simonetta, I want to see people achieve their dreams & goals.  The real ones, “meaningful wishes” as Simonetta so eloquently describes it.

And, what of your dreams?

So what are your meaningful dreams/wishes, right now?  If you simply chase after money, I can tell you that will not bring you happiness; or every rich person would be living ecstatic lives – and they are not!  So, what is your deeper meaning?  Your passion?  The “thing” that drives you?  What you would carry on doing, even if you didn’t get paid for it, if money was no object, if you could just sit back and re-write your life story?  It doesn’t just have to be one idea either, again Simonetta is a shining example of this!

Commit to your dream!

I have written more than once now on Simonetta’s Wishwall.  In fact, she actively encouraged me to do so, after connecting initially on Twitter.  Anyone familiar with my writing will know I battled pretty chronic anxiety, one of the things that I found difficulty in doing, was writing things down – let alone baring my soul to anyone – so committing my wishes to outside world, for me, was quite bizarrely scary!  But then, I believe people grace our lives (some good, some bad), on the whole for reasons, to help us learn, move through problems, support, or present opportunities.  I have to say, Simonetta to me has been all of those good ones!

This is why I am urging you to do the same!  After all, what could you achieve? Perhaps your own dreams include, like Simonetta & I, inspiring others to fulfil their potential!

The process itself is easy, committing to writing your dream down makes you focus more clearly on what it is you want – after all, you’re about to potentially put it into action – that part, can be a little more difficult!  Of course, the Wishwall is about meaningful wishes, the very first wish that Simonetta personally chose to action on her Philadelphia wall, was to have a street renamed after a lady killed in a hit and run accident, with a $15,000 reward offered!  All achieved by collaboration & people willing to step up, take ownership of their dreams, and help others with theirs.  This is a project that will become better for everyone, the more who get involved – this is why I back it myself at every opportunity!  I believe in Simonetta and the good that she can do.  I hope you will share my belief, and join me in supporting, her brilliant project!


And then there’s Lucy S,

who shared this wonderful wish:


So, what are you waiting for? Dream big!

Here’s how you can submit YOUR wish to Simonetta’s Wishwall:


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And to keep receiving inspiring articles, and connect with Simonetta you can find her on Twitter here:

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Simonetta is also extensively published, here’s a selection of my favourite articles, they are WELL WORTH your time to read!

Thank you for reading!

May all your wishes come true!


Richie, & our incredible, inaugural “Spotlight” guest Simonetta Lein!

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