Whilst I initially thought ” Secrets to Shine Through the Noise” would be a book purely about your “brand” and how to amplify it, what I’ve come to discover is this book can be used anywhere in your life.  It contains superb guidance that can be used to become a less passive observer, and more the practical director of your own destiny! – It’s Brilliant!

Richie,  Founder @LiveYourNow

I met Akasha via Twitter (click to visit her!), instantly finding her approachable, friendly and inspiring.  So to get the opportunity to get my hands on a preview of her new book to review, well… that’s not something I intended to pass up!



For me, when someone is trying to teach you something in terms of life, I pay extra attention to those who’ve experienced the sharp end and ridden it out or those who’ve shown resilience, determination and kept going towards their goals even in turbulent times.  Akasha has a wealth of experience and success behind her, extraordinary achievements to draw from, to collate and to deliver to you in this fabulous book – and it’s not all been “plain sailing”.

At present, I myself am navigating some choppy seas, so it’s a good test of a book like this “in situ” as it were… so this review is written using the book, experiencing it, at the precise time I bloody well need it!  Which means, my interaction with it will be painful, hard work, and authentic.  I will be writing the review as I am reading, to capture moments of my journey through it.  One such moment has been finding this quote…

_When you have clarity about where you want to go, you can tap your inner reservoir of desire. And the more desirable your destination the more energy you’ll find to reach it._(1)

Now. Go back and read the quote again. And again. Absorb it and let it sink in. That is such a beautiful pearl of wisdom it’s worth the price of the book alone, and one I will ALWAYS keep with me.  It’s a timeless piece of wisdom.  Thank you Akasha, by God I needed that!  There is background in the book to where that “desire” mentioned comes from, and what it is, that is of high value and I allude to below.  The quote comes at the perfect time in the book, but for now, ponder it – if your vessel is feeling a little empty, the realisation of its truth will give you an almighty boost!!

This is a book for all who want to make a change in their life, in any area.  It is understanding, and encouraging, straight to the point at times it’s needed, and relaxing to read at others.  I have genuinely never read a book like it.  And I have read  A LOT of books on this topic from the deeply spiritual, to so utterly dry and factual I had to read a page a night and leave it.  So, let’s get into more detail.  Stay with it…. this book is worth it!



It’s a keeper. Most definitely.

I love this phrase.  Akasha consistently refers to a “playbook” – creating more of yourself by design, indeed, challenging you almost instantly to consider how and why you’ve arrived where you are, with some good solid fundamentals already making me question my own journey! It’s made clear this is a “doing” book, with consistent invitations to consider, to reflect and to interact prevalent from the outset.  There is a clear and present desire in this book that she would wish to be sat with you, guiding you through the process – it converses with,  rather than shouts at you – and the natural charm & encouraging nature I’ve come to love about Akasha does indeed, shine through!  It’s a guide, it wishes to draw your desires out, and see you achieve them.  It’s a book that will never age and different parts will spark ideas/inspiration at different points in your life.  It’s a keeper. Most definitely.



I feel the best way to approach the review, is “on the move”, as I work through it.  Just completed the first set of exercises. WOW, that was tough! Pushed me through my own procrastination, highlighted it! Then there’s a lovely exercise to do afterwards to relax, colouring a lovely Mediterranean scene.  I’ve never really been one for that, but it genuinely felt like Akasha knew the exercise would test you – then gives you something to sit, and basically chill with for a bit.  That’s a lovely touch, and I definitely felt the contrast.  Clever & well considered! Continuing to delve in, the translation to it becoming almost like having her with you, blowing the wind into your sails, increases in prominence.

There are some exercises I was doing myself already & indeed some questions I would usually ask others I assist.  They are not easy questions to answer, though.  You need to be prepared to ENGAGE with this book.  Or you could spend $20 on something else edible or drinkable, have it last a couple of days, then feel remorseful and be no further forward.  Books like this will not, no matter how well written, inventive or encouraging, do the work for you – but if you are prepared to step up and really desire change they can change your life.

There are some heavy exercises in this book, make no mistake, that serve to hold a mirror up to areas of your life that may be seriously holding you back.

I am labouring this point because they are of high value for those who are ready, and willing, to create more focused, intended direction in their own life.

That said, reviewing this book means I am not getting the time I would like to relax and fully delve into the value these processes offer – this book is like a fine meal, it requires savouring and fully appreciating.  When I’ve finished this review, I will definitely be revisiting the exercises more thoroughly.  They are DEFINITELY worth spending time with!



The stories of the Akasha’s journey are weaved through the book beautifully, short, relevant and inspiring.  A reminder to us all of what can be achieved with relentless self-belief, determination and a professional approach.  I myself have been fortunate to walk some interesting paths, rubbing shoulders with intriguing personalities.  All the way through, there are reminders and hints about directions I’ve taken in my own life, where I have devalued myself somehow, and it DOES lead to problems.  I admire her poise, self-assurance, and reminders that ANYONE can do this.  I too, like Akasha, wholeheartedly believe this to be the case… often it’s just guidance that is lacking, of which there’s plenty contained in this book.

The book is also laden with links to articles and references that you can check back on, so it’s not just someone giving you a bunch of opinions – it’s well researched. 

The discussions of social media are so important as well, but I’m personally glad she let Twitter more or less off the hook or we may have fallen out 😉

As I continue my journey through this book, I find myself becoming more and more inspired, lights are sparking, obvious things I’ve missed becoming clear – in how I relate to YOU, because that’s who is important in what I do, and WHY I do it… YOU!  The person reading this!

I have to add, though, reading some of this, it’s like she’s sat here watching some of the stuff I’ve done to avoid my shine! CRAP!  I need to really think more on some of this.

Life change is a process, not a one-time event.



Of course, as if a roadmap to success, inspiring stories, some alternative “Zen Colouring” – being that of actual places, and her encouragement weren’t enough – you also get treated to interwoven tales of Akasha’s travels – not self-indulgent but just great stories!  Hawaii has held a personal fascination to me for a long time, to hear of her experiences there was wonderful and for a moment I forgot the kind of book I was reading! Or rather, the book I expected to be reading – which this isn’t.  I marvel, for a relatively short book, the way you move from psychology to planning, to colouring, through inspiring stories, personal challenges and roadmaps, to stirring images and travel is quite brilliant! The way they all coalesce is deeply impressive.



It is strange, having to dissect the review into so many little sections, but such is the wealth of these nuggets of wisdom being shared by Akasha in this book, it also contains very pragmatic business focused advice, from someone whose experience you can respect and learn from!  I love learning from people like Akasha. To get an insight into the ladder taken toward her success is priceless for those on a journey to setting up a business, or indeed just wanting to extend their personal reach, and more crucially,  wanting to understand their own identity in relation to the outside world.  Of course, I’m a mindful coach, so I am not here referring to “ego” identity.  It’s how Akasha so astutely points out and explains how and why the world wants to put us into specific categories, how it’s unavoidable.. indeed.. understandable – one could even argue, essential in our present world.

Akasha made such a good point it’s made me reconsider this from a new standpoint completely, useful to me understanding the mindful aspect further, as well as how people will view what I do.

 If I want to make changes in this world, positive changes, these kind of insights are invaluable!  Rule 1 as a coach – you meet the client where they are, not where you want them to be.  This helps me understand how to further understand how to meet the world where it presently is, NOT where I think it is capable of being.  PROFOUND for me, and believe me, I’ve given this much thought before – Akasha just put this into a point that will also stick with me, just like the quote did.  That’s an all too rare skill!


Supportive Style

It’s more akin to a whole life approach to change.

“Secrets to Shine Through the Noise” also contains very pragmatic and yet warm and supportive advice on our “emotional” needs and other self-care attributes.  Another section I am going to delve back into further after this review, and one in truth, that surprised me.  With sensible (although perhaps difficult, which is acknowledged) questions, planning advice, and even further resource suggestions it’s VERY clear that Akasha cares for your wellbeing, it’s not a “goal at any cost” book.  It’s more akin to a whole life approach to change. What’s more, you are encouraged to go at your own pace.  It’s been a pleasant and welcome surprise, and one I already feel somewhat better myself for reading. 

I didn’t expect to find this in this book I admit – that’s not a criticism, some books are just more “hardcore”, but “Secrets to Shine Through the Noise” can be what YOU need it to be, WHEN you need it,  slow pace, wait till later, or get stuck in and push hard!  Not many books I have read have this facet, it’s a very welcome addition!


In Summary

It doesn’t matter how old you are, where on your life path you are, whether you’re ready to make big/small change or not, part way down the road (as I am), wanting to illuminate your brand, or just increase your own well-being – there’s something, remarkably, in this book for everyone.  There are not many books I can genuinely say that about that I have read. But this advice is just so practical, that I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from it in some way shape or form.

Another MAJOR point to consider is it’s no longer than it NEEDS to be!  So many books feel padded out, at no point does this happen.  It respects your time and efforts.  My review is in danger of becoming as long as the book!! 😉  SO here I will stop, and simply now invite you to see for yourself… you won’t regret it!

Buy it, keep it, read it, use it! This is one of those rare gems that can accompany you along all of your life journeys!

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This is an independent review, having received a preview copy of the book.

The opinions contained within are my genuine thoughts of Akasha’s work.  It’s extremely positive because the book is bloody brilliant!

52 thoughts on “Secrets to Shine Through The Noise – Akasha Garnier

  1. This review is so not what I expected in the best possible way. I’m am utterly baffled at how much detail you went into and how well structured you laid all this out. its absolutely amazing
    This is just a prediction but i think yours is going to be the best testimonial to the book and akasha as an inspiration
    i loved the quotes with scenic back grounds, the different sections you broke it into, the wording most of all. You are really a master at lifting other people up, the way you describe the book, the emotion you pour into the recommendation
    I can’t wait to read #ShineThroughtheNoise !!! It sounds like an EPIC book

    • Enricoh,

      Thank you for the kind words about the review! It means a lot I appreciate it!

      It is indeed, an epic book!!

    • Hi Melanie,

      Thank you for the response, yes it’s a fantastic book!

      Get your hands on it and keep it with you 🙂


    • Hi TP Keane,

      Yes it definitely can be used for any business or desire, it’s a route, a “GPS”, certainly one I will be using for various stages in my own development.

      You’ll get an instinctive feel of where you are, and where to pick up if you listen closely to yourself 🙂


  2. Sounds like a wonderful book. I love self-improvement books related to blogging and every day life, so I think I would really enjoy this book! Thanks for sharing!

    • Zulema,

      I am like that with books right now, I flit between them generally, great thing about this one, it’s short enough to read through but packed with enough kit to get stuck in also!

      I assure you though, definitely wasn’t trying to sell the book 🙂 – my honest thoughts about it 🙂


    • Hi Amy,

      Get stuck in, keep it with you, this is one you will always be able to delve back into to refresh and give yourself some practical pointers!

      Be Blessed,

  3. I love book reviews that go into so much detail like this. There’s nothing like a book that moves and inspires people. I’m sure it’s a great book with very insightful stories to tell.

    • Elizabeth,

      The stories punctuate the book rather than take it over, they help the points rather than obscure them or pad the book out.

      We’re all busy people, this book gives that due consideration! 🙂

      Thank you for the compliment! I really appreciate it.

      Be blessed,

    • Momina,

      Get stuck in, I personally believe it will inspire you to make SOMETHING in your life better even if you’re not ready for full blown change yet 🙂

      Which is fine!

      Be blessed,

    • Liz,

      This book contains ways to help you focus on those goals. It’s given me more focus even with the relatively small time I had to read it first time through! I still couldn’t help but engage with the exercises!

      I already have notes of things to get done! – Not even changes so much as things I can improve.

      Something for every stage, truly.


  4. Wow this book sounds great! I don’t think I have ever seen a review quite like this before, it is great. So much effort put into it and you have clearly read this book throughly… well done!

    • Hi Anosa,

      Wow, that’s quite the compliment thank you!

      Yes the book is a fantastic tool, that’s what it is really, a life tool to keep with you! Can be applied to many goals/changes or just a bit of a friendly pep talk when you need it!

      Be blessed,

  5. Wow, the book sounds wonderful. I want a motivating book, I think it is best to read it during my son’s afternoon naps.

    • Nicole,

      Yes, that sounds like a good idea!

      Definitely try and find some time for yourself to read this where you can focus on yourself 🙂


    • Victoria,

      Thank you for your comment, yes the quote is a great quote!

      One I need to keep reminding myself also!! 🙂


    • Hi Christine,

      I am glad you agree! It’s nice to have others commenting on the blog who’ve also had the pleasure of reading it! 🙂

      I hope it brings you great success!


    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, definitely put it on that list! This is one of those very modest investments in yourself and your future!

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


    • Hi wendy,

      I am glad you’re looking forward to the book! 🙂

      And thank you very much for the compliment and feedback it’s greatly appreciated!


    • Katy,

      Wow, that’s a wonderful compliment thank you!

      I would say of course the book is way more inspiring, as without it this post wouldn’t be here lol!! 😀

      Thank you for commenting!

      Be blessed,

  6. I do believe there is an inner energy that pulls us towards certain things. That’s why positive thinking is never overrated!

    • Rosey,

      I do believe this, I’ve spent years trying to research and fathom out what it is!

      Spiritual? Metaphysical? Psychological? Subconscious? Heck, even scientific/energy based?

      Jury is DEFINITELY still out on this one!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Be Blessed,

  7. Change is going to happen. We have to learn to embrace it and learn from it. I loved reading your post and it sounds like a great book.

    • Hi Leigh Anne,

      Yes absolutely right, it’s not always easy, especially in the “moment” of change – it can be hard, books like Akasha’s can be a real gift to keep you focused in times like that!

      Thank you for commenting,

      Be blessed,

    • Marielle,

      There’s certainly parts of this book you can kick back and relax with, but, on the whole, it’s a book to engage with 🙂 – though indeed that can be done at your own pace.

      Be blessed,

  8. Richie, I am honored (maybe even honoured 😌) to be part of of your journey, review and lightbulb moments! There are so many kind, candid words that help show your shine already. (Why yes – mine too. 😅) I enjoyed hearing about ideas that have already come into play. To see the sections and your belief that they blend well together reassures me that this was a great first path and foray into unchartered territory as a debut release. I thought about doing a thriller first for years, but this will resonate with me and with others, as I hoped it would. I had a full-time day job the entire time I was writing this. I write/talk about balance, and have improved mine now as well. (I changed day jobs last week and now have much more energy to go further in the direction of my dreams. I threw a surprise birthday party for my mom, whom I dedicated this book to, the night of my Chicago book launch. The first live chapter reading was well received and I’ll share clips soon.) Mindful. Yes. You bring this message to us on Twitter regularly, with a refreshing twist, beat and heart. 💙😊 Thank you for all you do. All who read this, thank you! I have a new batch of #ShineThroughTheNoise bracelets and am happy to share with those who have purchased “Secrets to Shine Through the Noise.” Please contact me via Twitter or my website. And shine on! Akasha Lin (because I was not born as Akasha, but wish to become my best self) Cheers and fair winds!

    • A great response Akasha, and I will copy paste this into Twitter so that others can get your message!!

      It’s a pleasure being part of your amazing journey also!!

      Shine on!!


  9. The honour is all mine! Thank you everyone for your comments and updates! I am thrilled to hear about light bulb moments, connections and progress, plus new books in the works! (Excited to learn more about yours Richie!) Best wishes as we wind down the year and get life in order for a bright 2017. Cheers and fair winds, my friends! 🙂

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