You may well have seen this Tweet from me a few times now:


Sometimes small file


I have noticed a pattern on my account I wish to draw attention to, and this is to all my wonderful friends who’ve an uncanny knack for doing this… just when I feel like I’ve emptied myself out,  and I am going through a rough patch,  along you come like a bunch of “Wild Stallions” being “Excellent to each Other”… (for those who recall…)

The Emily Epiphany

So, I am speaking today principally of @emilys_epoch1 who rocked up into my timeline with a burst of positive messages about how meaningful, inspiring, and helpful my feed was to her.  Given that yesterday my Twitter inexplicably disappeared, threw me into inexorable panic after a week of, well… hell, basically (another blog post coming on that),  and the prospect of months of work vanishing at the hands of the Twitter Gods (which, by the way, I wish they’d be a bit more bloody responsible and respectful about! – People put immense amounts of time and energy into the platform, without them, there’s no Twitter! ) was JUST the way to finish it!


Talk about feeling absolute carp!
Talk about feeling absolute carp!


The little big difference!

So thus we arrive at my first image… random gestures making a BIG difference!  The fact is; Emily didn’t know what had gone on – very few people do – or will.  I can seldom believe it myself.  So there was no way of her knowing, that what I needed to hear most, was precisely what she was saying.  There is an important point here.  You just never know, what a kind gesture you make, sometimes without even realising, can do to help give another person in confusion, despair, to give them a glimmer of light in a dark day.  To give a pick me up, which is then passed on to others who may need it.

It’s the ebb and flow of creating support for each other.  It’s the natural give and take that creates a stirring circle of positivity.  There are some, who you will know, simply take – drain you – then run.  Whilst I have empathy with those geared that way, it makes no LESS difficult to recover from.  Then someone will come along out of the blue, and pour some goodness back in – without often even knowing why.

If YOU get the instinct, to randomly do this for someone, safely of course, ACT UPON IT!  

Don’t second guess yourself if it’s instinctual!

It may seem crazy, I mean I teach mindfulness, why would I NEED that?


Not a nice ride!

Well, today I did.  Someone put me on a spinning ride for a few days and I came off it dizzy, confused, blitzed and there was chaos surrounding me.  The same person dropped what felt like an emotional grenade in my life and ran.  Not of course, until I was basically empty and really needed a bit of an anchor myself… so to have someone drop in, remind me of what I do here and why was not just welcomed… it was ESSENTIAL.

So don’t second guess that time you’re driven to give someone a lift up, a few kind words, get an item off a shop shelf, especially on social media it’s so easy to do (not getting items off shelves, obviously!) – I can’t tell you how many times I have done this now & it’s become important to that person.  That’s not being big-headed, I am guided by something I don’t have a full understanding of.  It’s that urge.  Sometimes a sense of actual urgency.  Sometimes in my life, I can say I would not have had the confidence to do it,  sometimes I’d not have had the spirit to do it,  even now at times I think – how the heck could I be of help to that person?!  You see how many doubting THOUGHTS can get in the way of a sense of urgency to give someone some assistance – doubting our power within.


Pretty much every friend I now have on this account has come from doing what I mentioned here.  And it’s already lead down some amazing paths… I admit, not all are amazing.  One right now, in particular… became hell, fast.  But in the main, the vast majority, when it comes to just kind gestures, tend to work phenomenally well… and who knows where those flutters of positivity end up? It could end up changing someone’s life for the better in ways you can’t begin to ever understand.  That’s the beauty of those gestures, you won’t always get to know the positive effect it’s had.  That’s where it becomes altruistic.  Long after the feeling having helped someone knowingly, or even attempting to, fades – the goodness can just keep on stretching outward.

KEY POINT HERE:  Don’t TRY to help someone who may not want it, with this account, I let the messages and blogs go out where they need to go.  And try to be where I can be of help where I am guided or needed, I don’t go out SEARCHING for people to help.

And with all that said, I hope Emily’s kindness (and of course, the many others who help me and others every day) can spread a little further outward by nature of this humble little post of mine.

Peace and Blessings all.




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  1. Hi Really enjoyed reading this.serendipity. The idea of letting those come to you or you finding rather than looking is great..lovely inspiration…. it is so lovely to meet new friends too..How can i share a post to it as i cant find the possibly elusive share button LOL

    • Hi Sofia!

      Thank you for the comment 😀

      Er, as for a share button… I do not have one yet, but please let me thank you personally for the tip because I shall now attempt to find one! 😀

      My best to you always 🙂

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