Now, there’s a question (and a half).  Also, another one that’s likely to rub some up the wrong way when they hear the answer.  And I hate to tell you this, but if it rubs you up the wrong way, you’re living in the grip of it as well.  So, let’s get that out of the way first.

But if it does cause you a little discomfort, can I ask you these questions?


Do you want(1)


If you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s most certainly in your best interests, and to those whom you care about, to give this consideration… Very. Careful. Consideration.


It could be the most important change you make in your life… and that’s no exaggeration.


Yes I know, you see that all the time nowadays. The most important thing ever, the best product ever, the best… you get the gist. But I am not selling you anything. In fact, it’s cost me money to set this blog up, pay for hosting, to get a message out there that I was apprehensive (see About “Me”) to even begin doing.  It’s something that’s cost me dear in my life, caused me pain, suffering etc.

So can I just ask of you a small favour, that you hear this out? Thank you.

Many (not all) whom I try to explain about the “ego” to, balk at the idea.  Mostly, those are the ones who don’t realise they’re existing almost entirely as a robotic sequence of programming and habitual response/reactionary functions.  Wow.  What?

Yes, exactly.

The ego, is a false sense of “self”, it is self perpetuating, has no desire to be killed off, requires maintenance and feeding (it is near vampire like in how it will feed off you, and others) – and if you doubt the sincerity of my words, then just take a look at the world around you.  Ruled by fear, greed, selfishness, and an endless quest for “more”.  Even for those not like that, there’s another quest, driven by media/advertising campaigns, which use strategic psychological techniques to basically make you feel like total shit about yourself, so that you will continue to seek happiness OUTSIDE of yourself – and buy yet more crap (sorry, next best this or that or whatever it is).

If you think this bombardment doesn’t affect you on a deeper level, once again I am going to potentially prang your ego here and tell you straight, you’re wrong.  Very, very few people are immune to the effects of the outside world on their lives.  Advertising etc, is extremely strategic and effective, or companies wouldn’t invest so much money in it!

That’s not to say things aren’t nice to enjoy of course, or all companies are bad…(not true, obviously, far from it) I am a peculiar dichotomy of being a “petrol head” and green warrior (thank you Mr Tesla car maker – be happy to product review!!) – but even if someone parks a Model S outside my house, and throws me the keys (someone please do that), that isn’t going to give me proper inner peace!  Anyway, I digress… the point is, the seeking of happiness in THINGS, is an endless quest and can never, ever, be fulfilled, for more than fleeting moments.

What is wrong seeking happiness in “things”?

Seeking happiness in “things”, is another mark of the ego ruling.  It wants things to add to its identity, to become more this or that, because it’s artificial and potentially fleeting in nature, it MUST work hard to maintain itself!  I am making the “ego” sound like something separate to your self here, right?

Yes. Exactly.

The feeling of being alive, comes from a deeper place, now don’t ask me what that is (though I refer to it as “consciousness”) because it’s all just largely experiential, even the spiritual masters who “know”, don’t actually “know” in this writers humble opinion – experiences are subjective, they’re taking their best guess based on those experiences, nothing wrong with that, it’s all any of us can do… and sharing that information to try to ease the world’s burdens.  It’s a collective learning and development experience ultimately.  But some things appear to me, profoundly obvious, and transcend religions, spiritual practice, and nowadays creeping into mainstream psychology – and that is this: Mindfulness, or the separation of the ego from the “self”/”consciousness”, has a profound effect on people’s perceptions and behaviour.  And I don’t mean in the, in my opinion, questionable (at best) practice of “nudging” and non-consensual social psychological engineering.  To those people I say this; people are not your lab rats.

Digressing… again.

Basically what “nudging” is doing, by the way, is manipulating EGO, so-and-so does this, so you do that too etc… when you are mindful, you’re entirely immune to this practice.  It is a very nuts and bolts aspect of psychology.  Psychology is important, something I’ve been fascinated with for years, and can be profoundly beneficial, but why then, does one method not work for everyone? Because…

People are not machines

The ego grows, changes, adapts, is so far beyond sneaky it can ruin your life in a blink of an eye without you even knowing it!  I know I keep making this point but its only purpose is to be self fulfilling!  To make sure that, at ANY COST, it maintains itself.  That its identity, it’s “story” continues to grow, and be added to – and the bigger it gets, the harder it becomes to separate out from it – but the flip side of that coin is this; when you do, it is like a veil has been lifted on your world.  You stop running your life like a computer, based on algorithms and habitual life long programs, and you start…. LIVING!

It is the difference between spending all day “doing”, and at all moments “being”.

I cannot begin to tell you how profoundly different the two ways of life are.  That is something you can experience for yourself.  IF, you want to… IF your consciousness/soul etc is crying out loudly enough to get past the layers and layers of experience/pain etc, or that this message sinks in, deeper, and resonates with you on a level inside that will allow you to begin to feel better, calmer, instantly, with a sense of inner knowing that feels entirely and completely natural.

Keep following me as I give more tips on how to live a more authentic, real, & present life, as well as retweeting from other experts in this arena, to assist in your own journey to a happier, more peaceful and fulfilling life.  Something I wish for everyone on this Earth (cheesy as that may sound to some), we’ll ALL be better off for it.  And if you have direct questions, feel free to contact me on Twitter.


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I hope this piece provides you with a little inner peace.

To your happiness,




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